History of the Firm

Waldo E. Rassas, began practice in Clarksville, Tennessee in 1947, and practiced continuously until his retirement in 1996. He graduated from St. John’s University Law School in New York, and practiced law there until World War II, when he served as an instructor and research pilot.

Mark Rassas, joined the practice in 1976. He and his father continued to practice together until Waldo Rassas’ retirement in 1996. Waldo Rassas passed away in May of 2001.

Julia North joined the firm in 1993, and became a named partner in 2001. Ted Crozier, Jr. joined the firm in 2001 and continued until 2005, when he was appointed as Clerk and Master of the Montgomery County Chancery Court. In 2006, Dr. Blaise Ferraraccio associated with the firm, and was formerly “of counsel.”

Allen Rassas has actively worked with the firm since his graduation from the Nashville School of Law, and became a partner in 2023.

The Glenn Building

The original Glenn Building housed the offices of Rassas & Rassas for over 50 years. Built in 1899, it has also been known as the “Lawyers Office Building.” At one time it housed the offices of former United States Supreme Court Justice, Horace H. Lurton, former Tennessee Governor, Austin Peay. The building has also provided offices for many prominent Clarksville attorneys during the past century.

The tornado of January 1999, proved the strength of the original structure. When the surrounding buildings were demolished, the Glenn Building maintained its structural integrity.

When Montgomery County determined that the site of the Glenn Building was needed for the new Courts Complex, an attempt was made to move the entire structure, by the same company that moved the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. When it was determined that the building could not be relocated within the constraints set by the county, a decision was made to rebuild on a new site.

The current Glenn Building, located at 120 South Second Street in Clarksville, was completed in December of 2001 and received the Clarksville Downtown District Partnership Award of Merit for historic replication.

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