Personal Injury FAQ


Should I give a tape recorded statement to the insurance company?

We advise clients not to do so without an attorney present. Often, truthful statements can be twisted or taken out of context. It is unlikely that the opposing insurance adjuster will allow you to record a statement from their client.

How will my medical bills be paid?

If you have health insurance, insist that your medical bills be filed under your health insurance rather than under the car insurance policy. In the long-run, this will make your settlement more valuable since it allows you to receive contractual discounts that are a part of your own insurance policy. If you have no health insurance, it is often possible to file your claims under the medical payment provisions of your car insurance policy, but these payments are usually limited and must be repaid from any settlement. It is unlikely that you will receive reimbursement for medical bills from the other party until the case is settled.

Should I settle my property damage claim first?

It is common that property damage claims are settled separate from injury claims. If we are hired to handle your injury claim, we will handle your property damage claim for no additional charge.

How important is it to make regular visits to my physician?

Very important. The treatment that your physician renders coupled with his or her evaluation is a significant factor in the outcome of your case.

How does the lawyer get paid?

Our office accepts payment on a contingency basis, meaning that we receive a percentage of the amount that we recover on your behalf, usually one-third, plus reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses incurred in preparing the claim, such as Court filing fees, Court reporter fees, and charges from treating or evaluating physicians. Some attorneys charge as much as forty percent.

How long will it take to settle the case?

We aggressively pursue our cases and have a reputation for quickly resolving our claims. The first factor is how long it takes you to recover from your injury. We cannot evaluate your case until we know that you have recovered or your doctor can provide us with an opinion as to your recovery. It is common for most claims to take at least six months, but since we do not get paid until the case is completed, we move our cases quickly.

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